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About Krav Maga

Krav Maga is the official hand-to-hand combat system of the Israeli Defence Force, Israeli National Police and Security Services. Krav Maga is also taught in public schools and educational centers affiliated with the Israeli Ministry of Education. Now Krav Mage is also widely used throughout the world as part of the official defensive tactics training for many military, police and security units. Krav Maga is also now practiced by many thousands of civilians in more than 30 countries throughout the world.

Krav Maga is a modern, practical and proven system of self defense, carefully conceived for today’s volatile world. It is not a martial art or combat sport. Instead, it is a highly refined survival system designed for the personal safety of ordinary people. It is characterised by a logical and coherent approach to self defence and fighting confrontations that enables one to achieve a relatively high level of proficiency within a short period of instruction. The system has consistently earned the praise of experienced fighters, martial arts experts, and military and police officers for its highly practical applications, but in essence it also appeals to beginners because of its simple, no-nonsense and realistic approach to personal safety.

It is important to note that all the Krav Maga techniques have been thoroughly tested in real-life situations, improved upon and refined accordingly. With training methods that have been proven effective under the harshest conditions on the battlefield and on the street, Krav Maga is widely regarded as one of the most credible self defence systems available in the world today.

Ron Engelman

Ron was born in Israel. He started training in martial arts at a very early age and at the age of 10 he started learning Krav Maga. With his family living near the city of Netanya (the birthplace of Krav Maga), Ron grew up training under the grand-masters of Krav Maga.

When he turned 18, like every Israeli, Ron was drafted into the Israeli Defence Force (IDF) where he passed rigorous selections and was accepted into one of Israel’s renowned combat units.

In 2001, under the orders of his commanders, Ron was sent to the Israeli Defence Force Institute of Combat Fitness and Krav Maga. There he underwent some of the IDF’s toughest training in the process of becoming an IDF Military Krav Maga Instructor. Upon returning to his unit, Ron was appointed the head Krav Maga instructor for the unit and was responsible for training the unit’s soldiers in close-quarters fighting.

When his service with the IDF was up, Ron looked to bring his skills to the civilian world and completed the Civilian Instructors Course. The course was conducted by Grand Masters Eyal Yanilov, Gabi Noah and Ammon Darsa (the three highest ranked and most renowned Krav Maga Masters).

In 2005, Ron moved to Australia and founded the Krav Maga Defence Institute, which is now one of the largest and most dominant Krav Maga training organisations in Australia.

In 2010 Ron was offered a senior role in the Global Krav Maga organisation and returned to Israel where he currently works and trains among the top Krav Maga instructors in the world. He frequents Sydney several times a year to train the KMDI instructors, conduct seminars for students and oversee the training methods and courses of the Krav Maga Defence Institute.

Ron has over a decade of experience teaching Krav Maga and has worked with soldiers, police officers, government agencies, civilians and children in Israel, the United States and Australia.

Alex Trafton

Alex grew up in Southern California where he played college and professional baseball before retiring and taking up Krav Maga. Alex moved to Israel in 2009 where he trained with Master Zeev Cohen at the Impact club (Krav Maga Global), achieving the rank of Expert.

Alex is a member of the Impact instructor team, teaching Krav Maga to civilians in Israel and the United States. Alex is also an instructor with X-pert security in Israel, training elite combat units from both the IDF and foreign militaries in advanced Krav Maga techniques.

In addition to working for Krav Maga Global, Alex also boxed professionally out of the Nakash Boxing Gym in Tel Aviv. In 2012 Alex has completed his Master’s degree in counter terrorism at the IDC Herzliya in Israel.

Ran Nakash

Former IDF`s Krav Maga chief commander and current Krav Maga senior advisor. Responsible for the Krav Maga level in all IDF`s units, including IDF`s most elite units, counter terrorism school and the border police special units. Responsible for the certification of chosen soldiers into Krav Maga instructors.

Specialist in choosing and fitting specific Krav Maga forms to every military unit and to diverse defense forces and law enforcemment units.

Head of the Krav Maga division of the Israel`s Judical and Parliament branches security school where he trained the security guards in diverse 24 hours security areas sucha s VIP protection, infastructure security, riot control, use of nonlethal weapon and more.

Training multiple defense, law enforcement and security organisation and individuals worldwide.

Israel`s Muay Thai Champion and runner up the world Muay Thai championchip.

Israel`s Boxing Champion and one of the top ten cruiserweight boxers in the world.

Danny Netzer

Current IDF’s Krav Maga chief commander responsible for all IDF’s units including IDF’s most elite units Krav Maga level

Responsible for the counter terrorism school and the border police’s Krav Maga level, instruction and qualification. Responsible for the certification of chosen soldiers into Krav Maga instructors.

Responsible for IDF’s Krav Maga qualification and preservation level.

Head of the Krav Maga division of the Israel’s Judicial and Parliament branches security school where he trained the security guards in diverse twenty four hours security areas such as VIP protection, infrastructure security, riot control, use of nonlethal weapons and many more.

Professional international boxer and Muay Thai fighter.